My Animal Selfy Collection


Why I Love Taking Animal Photos


Ever since I was a little girl, I've always loved animals. And the older I get, the more I've come to love them. I started taking photos in 2013, and right from the beginning, my favorite subjects for my photos were animals. My first ever photos were from a trip to San Francisco Zoo, and I've been photographing animals ever since!

Once I started posting my animal photos to social media, I started to get many comments from people who saw the animals' inner beauty the same way I did. People said things like "this photo made me smile!", or "I find this scene so calming!". This experience taught me the power of a good photograph: a photo can bring people joy, peace or any of a myriad of emotions, regardless of their language, ethnicity, gender or age. I wanted to harness that power to transcend what usually divides us and use it to bring happiness to the world.

In my photography, I strive to capture a sense of happiness and joy. I really hope you like my photos, and I hope it brings you as much happiness as taking them has brought me!